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17.05.2019: Stamping line with presse 125 t straight side

Stamping line with eccentric presse 125 t double upright with double connecting rods Recently installed press 125 t with 2 column double connecting rod presse The construction system adopted on the 2 column double connecting rod presses is that of opposed rotation eccentric shafts. Thanks to the...

22.08.2018: Servo feed high speed

Servo-Walzenvorschübe Typ HS (High Speed) Servo-Walzenvorschub der neusten Generation. Der Vorschub geht bis 1600 Hübe pro min und ist für Hochleistungs-Stanzautomaten geeignet. Ideal für schmales, dünnes und empfindliches Bandmaterial. Geeignet auch für vorgestanzte...

18.08.2018: Datenschutzerklärung


Stand: Mai 2018 die Datenschutzerklärung wurde online geschaltet

Stand August 2018 die Datenschutzerklärung wurde angepasst.


18.05.2017: Static dancer roll

Static dancer roll for wire and cable manufactures Recently introduced customizable solution for manufacturers of wire and cable that shall extends machine life and increases productivity. “Static dancer roll” reduces the machines‘ downtime while preventing wire surface damage. An...

08.04.2017: Medical Strip Feed Line

Medical Strip Feed Line Recently installed strip accumulator line for the medical mass production in the medical industry This new development fullfilling the FDA requirements: Combination of decoilers, servo feed, accumulators and rewinders. We offer complet installation including programmable...

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Spulen Schnellspannsystem, Typ GFA Dieses Spulen...
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Production line nose strips for surgical masks to...
Stamping line compact with presse 40 t
Stamping line compact with eccentric presse 40...
Eccentric presse straight side 50 t
Eccentric presse 50 t double upright  We...
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