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Customer Service

A good customer relation and a friendly service are very important to us.

In case of questions you can reach us

Tel-No +41 31 331 83 58

In case the person in service should not be available you will be deviated to the combox. We are going to contact you as soon as possible.

You can also send an email to:  You are going to be contacted as soon as possible.

Our customer service is in:

Maintenance of the machines, training at customers facilities, breakdown service, spare parts, reparation (partly in cooperation with third company partners)

Production line nose strips for surgical masks
Production line nose strips for surgical masks to...
Stamping line compact with presse 40 t
Stamping line compact with eccentric presse 40...
Eccentric presse straight side 50 t
Eccentric presse 50 t double upright  We...
Stamping line with presse 125 t straight side
Stamping line with eccentric presse 125 t double...
Servo feed high speed
Servo-Walzenvorschübe Typ HS (High Speed)...
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