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Stamping technology

Stamping Technology

LETAC offers you economical solutions in machine engineering. We help in consulting with production planning as well as production process optimising and propose you the adequate machines.

Due to our long term experience in several industrial sectors we provide experience for the benefit of our customers. We will find the best and most economical solution together with you.

Exzenterpresse, Walzenvorschub, Richtmaschine, Haspel, Trennschere, Stanzanlage Haspel, Walzenvorschub, Trennschere Exzenterpresse, hydraulische Presse, Walzenvorschub, Zangenvorschub, Richtmaschine, Haspel, Stanzanlage

roll feed, servo feed, feeder, strip feed air feed, pneumatic feed straightener, strip straightener  decoiler, rewinder, pay off, reel, dereeler

Eccentric press, hydraulic press, roll feed, air feed, straightener, decoiler, reel, stamping line

Static dancer roll
Static dancer roll for wire and cable...
Medical Strip Feed Line
Medical Strip Feed Line Recently installed strip...
Eccentric presse 125 t straight side
Eccentric presse 125 t double upright with double...
Strip accumulator line
Strip accumulator line Recently installed strip...
Blanking line
Richt-Ablänganlage Platzsparende Haspeln -...
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